Beltronics STi-R Plus Remote - 100% Undetectable Concealed Radar Laser System

Beltronics STi Remote Radar

Beltronics STi-R Plus (North American Version)

  • 100% Undetectable - BEL STi-R Plus Remote is 100% undetectable and invisible to the latest police Spectre Radar-Detector-Detector (RDD) used by OPP, RCMP, and Quebec Police. The remote radar laser receiver is concealed in the front grill for stealth install.
  • Maximum Performance - STi-R Plus offers incredible long range radar detection achieved by the award-winning M3 dual antenna receiver. Performance exceeds V1, STi Driver, GX65, Escort Redline, and Passport 9500ix
  • Exclusive Ka-Band Segment Filtering and RDR Option - Improve sensitivity by disabling specific narrow-band Ka frequencies range that are not used by the police. Better response time against Instant-On or Quick-Trigger radar.
  • Camera Database - North American version of STi-R Plus includes a camera database for red-light and speed cameras covering Canada and USA. 3-year of free database update is available via Beltronics Detector Tool.
  • No More False Alerts - AlertLock and AutoLock intelligently reduce false alerts by analyzing and storing false signal data and its GPS locations into its database. TSR option further eliminates false K-band signals from highway traffic drones (samples traffic flow and speed).
  • Includes remote radar and laser receiver, external amplified speaker, control module, display module, GPS antenna, interface box, USB cable, user manual and database key code card

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Beltronics STiR Plus - Technical Info

  • Bands - X-band (10.525 GHz), K-band (24.150 GHz), Ka-band (34.700 GHz), Laser (904nm)
  • Display Mode - Bar Graph, Threat Display, Tech Display, with auto brightness control
  • Power requirement - 12VDC and negative ground.
  • Programmable features - Display, Voice Alerts, Power-On Sequence, Signal Stregnth Meter, AutoMute, Brightness, and Bands, GPS settings, Ka-Band Segmentation, RDR setting
  • Sensitivity Settings - Highway Mode, AutoScan Mode, City / City NoX Mode
  • Additional Technology - AlertLock, AutoLock, Mute, AutoMute, TSR, TotalShield.

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